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Bird Photography Tutorials

If you are thinking of taking up bird photography then the links below provide a set of tutorials that may help you in choosing a camera and lens and offer some advice on how to use your camera to achieve better results more quickly. I'm not a professional and the advice given here is just based upon my own experience since January 2005. There may be better techniques but these are the things that I have found to work best for me so far. Of course, as I learn more I'll try to keep these pages up to date to reflect my improved understanding. In the meantime I hope that you find these useful as a starting point.

Tutorial Menu
Choosing a camera and lens
Getting correct exposure (Part I) - Metering
Getting correct exposure (Part II) - Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
Getting correct exposure (Part III) - Exposure Compensation
Understanding focus options
Using high speed continuous drive mode
Choosing an image format
Photographing birds in flight
Considering composition
Choosing and getting close to your subject

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