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Photo Editing with PhotoShop

Almost all digital photographs can benefit from a little photo editing. As a photographer you should aim to keep this to a minimum, after all, it's extra work. The following are some of the editing tasks that are probably more common although I do not do all of these on my photographs. For example, these days I try to get my exposure correct when I take the picture and I hardly ever feel the need to correct the colour balance. However, each editing tutorial listed below will tell you how I complete these tasks using Adobe PhotoShop CS3, CS5 or CS6. There are other, cheaper editors around and there may well be more expensive ones too but as this is what I use, this will provide the basis for the tutorials. If you use a different product, I'm sure that much of the principles described in these tutorials will be similar.

Just a word of caution before you rush out to buy PhotoShop or any other software package. These products are complex and not instantly easy to use to achieve great results. Hopefully these tutorials will help you with the basic functions that you will need but I recommend that you get some training. A book is OK but if you can get a good training DVD then I recommend that you do so. It will help you get the best out of your software more quickly. I did, when I was using CS2, and can't begin to tell you how much time I saved.

Adobe Photoshop has powerful editing tools for use with both RAW format images and JPEG format images. I've tried to cover the most common editing functions for both of these formats. For tutorials on editing JPEG images use the menu on the left below. For RAW editing tutorials use the menu below right. Where you have an option to use JPEG or RAW editing choices, the (*) symbol indicates my preferred choice. Of course, if you do shoot in RAW format, you'll need to do any RAW editing tasks before converting to JPEG (or whatever format) to do the other editing tasks.

JPEG Editing Tutorials
Profiling your monitor
Reducing noise with Neat Image (*)
Reducing noise with Nik Software Dfine (*)
Cropping and resizing the image (*)
Correcting exposure
Correcting colour balance
Correcting colour range
Correcting colour saturation
Removing unwanted objects with the healing tool
Removing unwanted objects with the content aware tool
Sharpening images using smart sharpen(*)
Sharpening images using the unsharp mask (*)
Applying cooling or warming filters (*)
Preparing pictures for the web
Preparing pictures for printing
RAW Editing Tutorials
Reducing noise
Cropping and resizing the image
Correcting exposure (*)
Correcting colour balance (*)
Correcting colour range (*)
Correcting colour saturation (*)
Sharpening images

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