Wild Bird Photography by Steve Oakes

Sales and permission to use my photographs

I'm sometimes asked for permission to use my photographs on other web sites or in publications such as annual reports. I have to say that in almost all cases the request has been to use my photographs free of charge. I have to admit to being most reluctant to allow free of charge use of any of my photographs for any purpose, although I am not a professional photographer in the sense that I don't make a living from it. There may be some situations where perhaps use of some photographs would be permitted in exchange for some other benefit, such as access to bird watching facilities that would otherwise be unavailable.

On the other hand, if you do have a budget and would like to purchase any of my photographs for use in electronic media, publications or as prints, use the 'Contact Me' tab above to enquire about prices or to make an offer. Please give as much detail as you can, such as purpose, size, media and (most importantly) the photograph reference number(s) that interest you. Remember the photographs are owned by AEBS Limited, a VAT registered company and so all prices will be subject to the addition of VAT at 20%.

If you do want to use any of my pictures, please remember that they are copyright protected and must not be used without permission for any purpose, either as they are on this web site or electronically modified in any way. You can make copies of them using artist mediums such as paint or crayons without seeking my explicit permission.

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